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The Road to Victory

I am celebrating my first victory as an independent artist! I created a show that I am so proud of and I am very excited to take it on the road soon. Of course things didn't all go as planned, but I learned some valuable lessons that I can use for future shows. One very important thing I have learned in all of my time preparing for and executing this shindig is that a persons reputation is shown through their actions rather than their words. There are people, some(most) talk a big game, but can't deliver the way they promised. Be careful of who you chose to work with. I wanna think that I'm being respectful and grateful all the time and I hope people feel that from me. A humble professionalism is what I strive for. I appreciate everyone who participated. Thank you to Crimespree, DC1NOLY, and Soleil Bashale for performing. Thank you to Club David for having me. Thank you to the friends and family who came out to support me. I'll be trying to book a westward tour on my way to California in November. But for now you can check out a couple highlight videos from my first performance of my new album Shantara Bird: The Mixtape. (One thing I learned was to definitely hire a videographer, or bring a tripod.)

A clip of Do You Believe in Aliens Live

Find more videos sprinkled throughout the site and follow me on Facebook and Instagram for all the fun. @shantarabird

Find my new album on all major platforms!

Thank you so much for giving me your time and support. You are what makes this possible! Otherwise I'd just be singing in my shower...

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