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Sacrificing The Virgin

My first show as a performing artist

On April 18, 2019, I loaded up my car and left on the long 5 block journey that will begin shaping my career in Live music. Total Drag Records is a record store in downtown Sioux Falls that hosts many Indie artists. Opening for Black Belt Eagle Scout was absolutely an honor in the vibrant, small venue. The blue string lights on the stage shone especially bright with a sort of magic in the air. As I took the stage, the crowed gathered, anticipation palpable in the room. Now, don't get me wrong the intensity level wasn't anxiety-inducingly-high or anything, my stagefright only rears its head when I'm worried people won't like what I do. This audience however, was warm and welcoming to everyone entering. I did my set and basked in the glow of the smiling faces listening intently to my words. It is hard to describe the feeling that took hold of me that evening -something between pride and elation- but I can tell you right now, its an addicting sensation.

A fan video^^

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