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At a tiendita en Colombia mirando las hormigas

This language has enchanted me. I feel closer to a whole other world of people. The thing is, though, we're all on the same world. And I for one am happy to really get to know our neighbors. When you learn a language you are also learning a culture. The culture has offered me its hand to dance and I accepted, spinning out onto the floor surprised with myself at how quickly I picked up the moves. The determination it takes is a concentrated one. For two years, I did my best to be constantly thinking about the next thing I could learn. I began with studying the words with duolingo and found songs that touched me with their music, and asked new friends from other countries when I was practicing. Soon enough I was piecing things together and I felt confident that I could get by in another country. Obviously, I could elaborate because there were just so many reasons I went, but its a long story.

To this day, I am still learning and trying to be better all the time. If you focus you can do anything. Make learning fun. Be happy when your views change, not scared. Its a big world out there and it belongs to all of us.

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