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"Shantara writes and performs songs from a huge variety of musical genres ranging from rap to folk. Her style is fluid, so her new releases are always a surprising treat!" -Darby Bowyer

Don't freak out!! The new single is just
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        Shantara Bird, a soulful artist with a sense of humor, has a reach across many genres from hiphop to folk.  Her thoughtful lyrics and powerful vocals tell intricate stories in both English and Spanish.  She is often compared to Adele and Amy Winehouse with stylings similar to Miley Cyrus.  This artist will keep you entertained with each surprising new release.

         Born in California, raised in South Dakota, this traveler has influences including: Classic Rock, Motown, The Lonely Island, 21 Pilots, Amy Winehouse, and Natalia Laforcade.  Shantara has performed in Sioux Falls, SD at Club David, Bigs Bar, Open Space, and Total Drag ; Philadelphia, PA at Connies Ric Rac; and featured with coverband Electrophonica on various occasions in Bogota, Colombia. 

          Shantara worked hard this last year:  putting out her first album, various singles, two unique stage shows, as well as being featured on SDPB Radio, and having featured theme songs in a couple of local podcasts.  Her first couple singles "Gone Fishing" and "Claustrophobia" demonstrate the simplistic, reflective lyrics of which this artist is capable.  She delivers with a soft, but strong vocal performance with such sincerity it inspires goosebumps.  Her next projects included more Pop, R&B, and Hip-Hop vibes.  "Crumbling (feat. Deuce Wellington)" was released in October for Domestic Violence Awareness Month. She held a fundraiser called "Behind the Mask" for the release and simultaneously was able to raise $300 dollars to donate to local charities who fight domestic violence. Recently Shantara has been working on more music in Spanish and with a bit more Blues and Rock influences.

            Shantara Bird has been writing music since the young age of 5, making up songs to show her friends and family, (and to battles with sisters when in fights). The passion that this writer shows through her careful and descriptive word choice is admirable and a true show of artistry.  Her melodies, whether simple or complex, take her stories to new heights with great expression and an impressive range. 

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