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Shantara Bird

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Beginning in April 2022 Fly will launch its new line of "Spell Jar Jewelry".

Follow our journey of healing and raising vibrations with unique, handmade creations.

Healing from within


Wether you're looking for a promotion or a soulmate, crystals can help regulate the energy around a person. When combined with oils, herbs, and intentions we create a spell.  A Spell is nothing more than sharing your intentions into the universe words can be powerful on their own, but with time and action, anything is possible.
These earrings and necklaces are functional as essential oil diffusers. So when you feel you need a little extra boost of aromatic motivation, just add a little oil and the cork naturally allows slow evaporation through its porus surface.

Free Delivery on orders over $100

Custom orders available upon request

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